Family Mediation in Brunswick, ME

When you find yourself faced with family decisions that require a mediator to help, rely on The Law and Mediation Office of David C. Webb, Esq. in Brunswick, ME for effective medication for family. We believe that family mediation helps preserve family relationships while encouraging communication while coming up with a plan of action that will work for all parties involved. Adopting understanding and reducing the conflict between the parties while you decide what is best for you and your children.

As an alternative to litigation, mediation can lessen the high financial and emotional costs associated with the court process. You maintain control over the outcome of your dispute. No one makes decisions for you--it’s all in your hands. Keep in mind family mediation is a confidential and non-judgmental process, and any information learned in mediation may not be used in court proceedings either during or after if communication breaks down.

Divorce and Custody Mediation

Our mediation process for family, custody, or divorce is a superior form of an alternative dispute resolution. This is a process where you and your party meet together with an independent legal evaluator who will help guide and facilitate in negotiating the terms of a resolution. The issues presented will be used to try and resolve issues related to the equitable distribution of some of the following:

• Marital Estate
• Possible Alimony Considerations
• Creation of Timesharing
• Parenting Plans
• Custody Arrangements
• Child Support
• Health Insurance Considerations

Family Mediation in Brunswick, ME

Documenting Agreements and Court Forms

Consider what your perfect outcome should look like regarding resolutions for family, divorce, or custody issue. You may not be happy with some of the decisions, but if you can reach an agreement that you are ultimately comfortable with, then that generally means that you have reached a good deal.

We will prepare a comprehensive settlement agreement which is all of the points you have agreed upon. At The Law and Mediation Office of David C. Webb, Esq., we will also prepare all of the documents necessary with the courts, and if requested, we can also file all papers on your behalf at the appropriate courthouse.

Contact us today for more information or schedule an appointment for any mediation needs you require. We proudly serve Brunswick, ME and the surrounding areas.

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